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Brand Atena

Software Company since 1986, Assintel founding partner, holds a portfolio of leading innovative solutions such as: Finance Atena®, ERP and Software for Financial Investigations, for the Registry of Reports (Agenzia delle Entrate) and for Anti-Money Laundering (BankItalia).

Brand Finance Atena

The first FinTech platform in Europe, based on AI, for Predictive, Economic-Financial Consulting for any type of Investment and Business Model, to ensure maximum Reliability, Opportunity and Profitability for the Public and Private sector.

Brand WeInvest

An Investment and Consultancy company whose mission is summarised in "Get Value to your Asset”. It ensures maximum profitability, through a Systemic Approach, in Real Estate and Corporate, with Finance Atena® and the Network Club Deal WeInvest.

Brand Emotions for Business

Company that has defined a new way of Business Communication based on: Marketing, for defining Strategy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, for effective content structuring, and the Art of Cinema to convey the emotional power that only it is capable of.

Club Deal WeInvest

The dynamic Network for Investors, Ambassadors and Partners

In order to promote sustainable and profitable investments in the Real Economy, the new dynamic Network Club Deal WeInvest has been established, taking into account the specificities of multiple market sectors. It consists of 11 Sectorial Thematic Club Deals and targets three key figures, the Investor, the Ambassador and the Partner, with the aim of improving deal-making capabilities, reducing closing times, and maximising profitability, never losing sight of social ethics and sustainability.

WeInvest: Club Deal Management and Organization

Markets and Business Opportunities

WeInvest, which leads, organises and manages the activities of the 11 Thematic Sector Club Deals of its Network, has the primary purpose of identifying, mapping and monitoring, constantly over time, markets and sectors of interest and relevant business opportunities, in different countries and investment sectors. Furthermore, WeInvest analytically maps all the multiple investment criteria, traditional and innovative, to offer its investors always reliable and trustworthy evaluations.

Events Organization

With the aim of training, informing and keeping its Club Deal Network updated, WeInvest presides over and organises events (both online and offline) on multiple topics relating to the world of investments, businesses, markets and new methodologies and technologies for an ever Deal's best rating. WeInvest events, such as webinars, workshops, interviews, on-site conferences or round tables, are attended by members of the Board of the Company, with the help of various experts, such as professionals and university professors from the reference sectors.

Analysis and Deals Selection

To offer valuable deals that represent real opportunities in terms of profitability and long-term returns to investors belonging to the Network, WeInvest guarantees a careful analysis and selection process. The verification activity carried out on the Deals by our experts certifies their compliance with investment Best Practices. In this process, the structuring of possible consultancy services is also proposed for the best and most correct valorisation of Assets and Businesses.

Deal Presentation to the Network

The deals previously filtered by WeInvest and deemed suitable for the Network, become the object of presentation to Investors, Ambassadors and Partners. A teaser and a slideshow has been created for them to present their Business Idea, Business Model and Operational Plan, with the aim of ensuring that the players in the Club Deals have in-depth knowledge of the investment opportunity in question. A further guarantee is provided by the risk analysis, which is carried out in a timely manner and constantly updated over time. For the presentation of the deals, WeInvest also organises round tables for national and international investors.

Profiles of the Network 

Each Club Deal managed by WeInvest involves three figures: the Investor, the Ambassador and the Partner. Discover in detail beliefs, advantages and the activity of each profile of the Network.

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Those who have an interest in improving their ability to conclude business and directly evaluate the assets offered within the Network
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Anyone who has an interest in reporting potential investors who can join and participate in the Network Club Deal WeInvest
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Who has an interest in offering specialised high quality services, aimed at the best conclusion of business for Network's members
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Sectorial Thematic Club Deals

Explore in detail the 11 Sectorial Thematic Club Deals that make up WeInvest's Network. Learn more about definitions, business models, trends, market values and all the investment opportunities that characterise them.
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