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Software Company since 1986, Assintel founding partner, holds a portfolio of leading innovative solutions such as: Finance Atena®, ERP and Software for Financial Investigations, for the Registry of Reports (Agenzia delle Entrate) and for Anti-Money Laundering (BankItalia).

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The first FinTech platform in Europe, based on AI, for Predictive, Economic-Financial Consulting for any type of Investment and Business Model, to ensure maximum Reliability, Opportunity and Profitability for the Public and Private sector.

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An Investment and Consultancy company whose mission is summarised in "Get Value to your Asset”. It ensures maximum profitability, through a Systemic Approach, in Real Estate and Corporate, with Finance Atena® and the Network Club Deal WeInvest.

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Company that has defined a new way of Business Communication based on: Marketing, for defining Strategy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, for effective content structuring, and the Art of Cinema to convey the emotional power that only it is capable of.

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The Innovative Consulting Methodology

WeInvest's consulting model allows you to surpass the traditional approach used today in the Real Estate and Corporate sectors, through an Innovative Methodology guaranteed by an integrated, systematic and interdisciplinary approach of great effectiveness. This is done with the objective of helping entrepreneurs and investors increase the value, in the Real Economy, of Real Estate and Corporate Assets. We start from the verification and implementation of the original Business Idea and its subsequent development through the best  Business Model.

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Get Value to your Investments for an Innovative, Real and Sustainable Economy & Finance” : this is the idea which the model developed by WeInvest is based on. Our consultancy revolves around in-depth knowledge and experience of the sector, transversal competence and functional Know How.

Over time, we have built an important Network of Skills and Relationships, the "Net Intelligence" - based on "Investor @The Center". This makes it possible to offer our clients exclusive access to a range of specialist services provided on the market by professionals, national and international, with whom we collaborate synergistically. 

WeInvest Best Practice

WeInvest - The Innovative Methodology: Real Estate and Corporate

WeInvest, representative of the dynamic Club Deal WeInvest Network, has devised an innovative Consulting Methodology in:

  • Real Estate, for those who have to sell or make the most of their Real Estate Assets. We guarantee firstly a highly effective approach, which is integrated and systemic, through the development of original "Business Ideas", with the study of possible transformations and intended uses for the Assets; through an effective design choices in terms of innovative systems, materials and new generation technologies to optimise management costs and future extraordinary maintenance of the Asset; through Financial economic analysis, with Finance Atena®, for the best optimisation and guarantee in terms of profitability and lastly through Due Diligence on all legal aspects and Marketing and Communication activities to reduce negotiation and Closing Times. 

    This new Consulting model makes it possible to surpass the traditional approach of watertight compartments typical of the Real Estate sector, guaranteeing these advantages:

    -Increase in Asset Value
    - Reduction of Trading and Closing Times
    - Delegation of Consulting according to one's needs
  • Corporate, for Entrepreneurs and Investors who are interested in making the most of their "Company" or Business Idea, in order to make it more efficient in terms of profitability or proposition on the national and international market, guaranteeing a highly effective approach which is integrated and systemic. This thanks to the development of an original "Business Idea" and Financial Economic Analysis, with Finance Atena®, for the best optimisation and guarantee in terms of profitability. The WeInvest Corporate Methodology is applicable to these Projects: Start Up, Corporate Finance for Consolidated Companies (Company Acquisition, Company Valuation, etc.), Business Crisis, Debt Restructuring, Islamic Finance and Family Office.

    This new Consulting model allows you to surpass the traditional approach guaranteeing the following advantages:
    - Increase Profitability of the Asset/Company
    - Increase of the Value of the Asset/Company
    - Reduction of Negotiation and Closing times

    - Delegation of Consulting according to one's needs

Finance Atena® - The New Technology based on AI

Finance Atena® is the 1st platform on the European Market for the Predictive Economic-Financial analysis of Investments and Business Models, which allows:

  • 100% reliability of Model E/F
  • Full use of all financial functions
  • Optimisation of Sources up to 50%, for the same investment
  • The maximisation of the profitability of the investor and the stakeholders
  • Optimisation of the Tax Profile
Therefore it constitutes the real surpassing of the obsolete traditional methodologies applied today to the Real Estate and Corporate areas. In particular: 

  • In Real Estate it analyses and shapes all the different types of Real Estate, Assets (Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, etc.) from an Economic-Financial point of view, starting from the modelling of the BIM itself, to analyse its income, Financial Profile, Tax and Management;
  • In Corporate it translates a Business Idea of an Investment into an Economic-Financial and Bankability Analysis. Analysis applicable to all the various types of Investment.

Net Intelligence - based on "Investor @The Center"

We offer the opportunity to take advantage of a complete and unique expertise on the Market, consisting in putting together the best professionalism, knowledge and skills, to support the Investor in the best structuring of the Business. Our Experts have: 

  • Organisational Competence, Organisation consultants with long experience gained in the various market sectors which allow to obtain the best structures of the organisational processes;
  • Managerial Competence, experienced Managers can grasp the best structuring of the Business Model, find resources and obtain contacts and relationships;
  • Horizontal Management Competence, Project Manager with proven experience able to organise, plan and monitor the work to correctly oversee each phase of the investment life cycle; 
  • Economic - Financial and Fiscal Competence, Consultants specialised in the various types of work able to give the best optimisation and guarantee of the return on investment and the best structure of the Business Model;
  • Connection with University, collaborations with University Professors who constantly and promptly qualify and update our economic, financial and organisational models; 
  • Legal Competence, thanks to agreements with the best national and international Law Firms, which ensure the verification and guarantee of the various legal and contractual obligations; 
  • Marketing & Communication Skills, Graphic Designers and Business and Brand Communication Experts who are able to make the most of the presentation of the investment to the market;
  • Horizontal specialised Competence in the areas of Real Estate thanks to Real Estate Manager and Construction to manage and verify all the processes of all the sub-phases inherent in the construction and subsequent sale of an Asset. 

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