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Brand Atena

Software Company since 1986, Assintel founding partner, holds a portfolio of leading innovative solutions such as: Finance Atena®, ERP and Software for Financial Investigations, for the Registry of Reports (Agenzia delle Entrate) and for Anti-Money Laundering (BankItalia).

Brand Finance Atena

The first FinTech platform in Europe, based on AI, for Predictive, Economic-Financial Consulting for any type of Investment and Business Model, to ensure maximum Reliability, Opportunity and Profitability for the Public and Private sector.

Brand WeInvest

An Investment and Consultancy company whose mission is summarised in "Get Value to your Asset”. It ensures maximum profitability, through a Systemic Approach, in Real Estate and Corporate, with Finance Atena® and the Network Club Deal WeInvest.

Brand Emotions for Business

Company that has defined a new way of Business Communication based on: Marketing, for defining Strategy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, for effective content structuring, and the Art of Cinema to convey the emotional power that only it is capable of.

The Partner

Network Club Deal WeInvest Profiles


The Partner: someone who is interested in providing quality and specialised services aimed at achieving the best conclusion of deals

They are a legal entity (such as a lawyer, accountant, tax consultant, etc.) capable of delivering specific, high-quality services that are of interest to the WeInvest Club Deal Network. WeInvest Partners possess expertise in three key areas: practical, sector-specific and relational. 

Our Partners, along with the efforts of WeInvest, can have different and often decisive roles based on the organizational and management needs of each individual deal and/or project. They can contribute by offering their skills, knowledge, and functional know-how to Network members throughout the various stages of the investment lifecycle. In fact, within the WeInvest network, Partners are important industry experts who ensure the development of sustainable investments in economic, ethical, social, and environmental terms.





What is the role of the Partner within the Network?

The main activities carried out by each WeInvest Partner for the members of the 11 Club Deal Tematici di Settore, are:  

  • Promotion of the Innovative Consulting Methodology “Get Value to your Investments for an Innovative, Real and Sustainable Economy and Finance” to those interested in selling, acquiring and optimising Assets;
  • Promotion of WeInvest Club Deal within the Network;
  • Participation in events organised by WeInvest for the Club Deals;
  • Presentation of their specialised consulting services to Network members, which can be synergistic in concluding a Deal;
  • Organization of events to showcase their Best Cases;
  • Potential offer of their consulting services to members of the WeInvest Club Deal at promotional prices, as per separate agreements.

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Improve your ability to close deals, with a significant reduction in closing time and maximising profitability of every investment, never losing sight of social ethics and sustainability.

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What are the benefits for the Partners of the WeInvest Club Deal Network?

The main benefits that the network guarantees to market professionals and companies that choose to become WeInvest Partners are:

  • Promotion of their expertise and professionalism within the Network to accredited members;
  • Proactive participation in the development of new deal opportunities;
  • Increased chances of establishing new relationships and business opportunities;
  • Access to certified technologies, models, and methodologies;
  • Maximisation of profitability combined with ethical and social sustainability principles.
In the event of concluding a deal, the provision of consulting services by the Partner and the compensation for the services rendered by the Partner can be regulated with the Members and/or WeInvest through separate agreements. Through these agreements, the Partner may potentially acknowledge a percentage of the turnover related to the services performed within the deal to WeInvest. 


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