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  • Residential building, with Museum and Restaurant services
  • Inspired by a work by the Italian master Marcello Morandini
  • Project created by the architectural studio LF&Partners

Morandini 463a: the Building

The flat-shaped building is the real representation of a work of art, precisely the number 463a by the Italian master Marcello Morandini. A base of 125x125 metres with a height of 30 m, the building is spread over 6 floors. The first floor houses a museum/auction house, covering an area of approximately 9,000 square metres, with a rotating display of Italian works of art sharing the same theme; the top floor, on the other hand, is dedicated to one or two excellent restaurants that celebrate Italian cuisine, for a total space of 4,000 square metres. The building houses 20 to 40 apartments with large terraces that can open themselves and move, so as to get the best orientation according to the light.

Morandini 463a Project
Morandini 463a Sculpture

Business Idea

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Celebratory Theme

The property aims to enhance the art and design of contemporary Italian Culture
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Asset Type

The building is designed to house a residential complex, a museum room and a restaurant area
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Hosting State

The skyscraper is to be built in the country that has an interest in investing in it

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The skyscraper intends to constitute a new concept of Building that has the following objectives:

  • bring Italian art to life outside and inside (frescoes, sculptures, unique architectural structures) of the building, in a complete experience;
  • create an environment where man is exactly at the centre and in contact with nature;
  • export the concept of "made in Italy" in which each object and each structure is designed in a unique way and which, therefore, become a work of art.
The entire building will be subject to «Copyright».

Financial Economic Analysis

The Business Model has been designed so that there is an interesting ROI for the various subjects who will participate in the initiative

ROI for the Investor

The Investor gets the ROI from the Investment through:
  • the sale of the apartments
  • the rents of the museum and the exhibition area
  • the rent / management of the restaurant
  • advertising and sponsors
  • the lower costs deriving from an exclusive agreement with selected Italian suppliers

ROI for the Buyer

The Buyer gets the ROI from the Investment:
  • in terms of unique Price/Quality ratio
  • from the evaluation of the acquired work of art
  • from the innovation of the building

ROI for the Provider

The Provider gets the ROI from the Investment:
  • in terms of local and international advertising
  • in terms of commercial penetration in the market where the building will be built