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  • Upgrading and valorization of the "ex-Ratti" area
  • New Wellness centre: Residential, Hospitality, Health Care and Port
  • Becoming the 1st Business Model of "Clinic Wellness" implemented in Italy by an international Holding Company
  • A self-financing project for > 50% of CapEx

Grand Luino: Health for Well-Being

In the spirit of respecting and enhancing the existing social, historical and natural context, WeInvest intends to respond to a specific request for the establishment of a new "Sustainable Wellness Macro-Pole", consisting of residential and hospitality facilities of medium to high quality in terms of architectural design and balance of volumes, as well as variety and efficiency of services offered. In addition, a series of opportunities related to investments functionally connected to interventions aimed at enhancing the nautical-port pole, the hydro-way system on Lake Maggiore, including the Locarno-Venice line and related services, the redevelopment of several urban areas and other cultural, scenic and natural sites of interest in the area have been analysed and identified.

A sustainable medium-term intervention with positive ramifications is proposed, offering a relevant return on investment, thanks also to the activation of a development contract for tourist activities as part of the national programming, in coordination with the regional and local programming.

The Context

Luino City

The city of Luino, located on the North Eastern coast of Lake Maggiore and with a population of about 15,000 inhabitants, is a hub of aggregation for the entire Alto Verbano area, the only urban centre to exceed 5,000 units and a true territorial reference for the surrounding towns. 

Luino's tourist vocation, never diminished despite the cyclical downturn of recent years, has made it a favourite destination for both seasonal and occasional tourists, who flock to Luino and the lakeside, which in the last decade has become the perfect fusion between the town and the lake itself. In particular, Luino is subject to a strong tourist flow from northern European countries. 

From Luino, it is possible to reach prestigious tourist destinations such as the Borromean Islands and the Castles of Cannero by boat, as well as the Hermitage of Santa Caterina in Leggiuno and the Rocca di Angera. There are also many sports activities that the lake allows to be carried out in one's free time, such as boating, sailing or rowing. 

The Location and the Waterways

Strategically positioned less than an hour from Milan Malpensa International Airport and a few minutes from the smaller Lugano Airport, Luino hosts a very important railway hub, which connects to nearby Switzerland and Northern Europe and is undergoing further development thanks to the new Alptransit connection.

Its central position allows for quick access to places such as Lugano, Como and Varese. The historic market, which takes place on the streets of the town centre every Wednesday, is a particularly important attraction, especially for tourists from beyond the Alps. Furthermore, Luino connects Lombardy with the Piedmontese shore and Switzerland via the lake.

Area of Interest

The subject of redevelopment is the so-called "ex-Ratti" area, of which Gran Luino srl has full availability, which extends over an area of approximately 38,000 square metres. Located on the shore of Lake Maggiore, separated only by the municipal areas of Lido and the old sports field, within the mouth of the Tresa river, the real estate complex in question consists of a large flat area built with industrial buildings, now almost disused, previously used as a factory for the production of textile machinery and twisting.

Originally, the large surface area and grass, on the western outskirts of Luino, were transformed into industrial buildings starting from the 1920s for the construction of factories of the Ditta Michele Ratti SpA, a historic company founded in 1869. Next to it, towards the city centre, there is the recently renovated marina, which provides an ample offer for boating enthusiasts.

The territorial regeneration masterplan, proposed by Studio Sartorio in collaboration with Carbone Design, for the area in question includes:

- Preliminary assessments of legal, urban planning, technical-architectural, economic and naturalistic feasibility;
- Predictive, economic and financial analysis of investments and Business Models, according to different scenarios and critical issues, developed in collaboration with Finance Atena®;
- Local partnership pre-agreements with the economic-social actors involved in the regeneration program and direct and collaborative dialogue with the Public Administration. 

Business Idea

The Innovative Sustainable Wellness Hub, which revives Lake Maggiore and the Made in Italy concept, is based on three key ideas:

Icona Benessere


Longevity, Emotional, Energy, Physical & Mind
Icona Eccellenza


Made in Italy, New Technology, Architecture & Interior Design
Icona Location


Nature, Waterways, Sailing,  Scenary & Sport

Business Model

The designed Business Model is based on 3 fundamental pillars

1st Icon

Holding Grand Luino

Grand Luino will lead the SPVs that will manage the 5 poles of the BI: Hospitality, East and West Residential, Health Clinic and Port
2nd Icon

The German Model

Ensures an occupancy rate of Tourist-Accommodation facilities higher than 90% throughout the year
3rd Icon

Program Agreement

Guarantees a new way of setting up and managing agreements with Public Entities and for accessing public funding

Luino Lago Maggiore location
Grand Luino Project
Grand Luino Project
Grand Luino Project
Grand Luino Project
Grand Luino Project

Functional Poles

Hospitality Pole

The interiors are inspired by a modern, contemporary, and timeless architectural language. The large-scale furniture, made with local natural woods and stones, creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The contact with the splendid nature is guaranteed by the large windows that emphasise the spaciousness of the rooms. The use of precious materials and the most modern techniques offer guests all the imaginable comforts for a Luxury Hotel. All of this emphasises the "home away from home" character of the spaces shared by hotel guests.

The Hotel complex will be composed of::

  • 5* Hotel : with 165 Suites + Common Areas and a SPA of about 1700 square metres with saunas, services and a swimming pool for a total of about 300 occupants;
  • Restaurants: two Restaurants and a Sky Bar;
  • Conference Centre: with Foyer, Hall-Reception and Conference Room - Theatre;
  • Parking Area: with 200 indoor parking spaces. 

East and West Residential Poles

At the two ends, East and West, of the former "Ratti area", two Residential Centres will be built that can accommodate more than 370 total occupants. The two Centres will be composed as follows::

  • East Residential Center: with two buildings, Building A which will host 69 total housing units and Building B with a total of 100 housing units. The Center will have a parking area with a total of 75 parking spaces.
  • West Residential Center: with a single structure consisting of 123 total housing units; the West centre will also have its own parking area with 172 parking spaces.

Health Clinic Pole

A dedicated Pole to health and psycho-physical well-being, composed of two structures with different purposes:

  • Clinic: with exclusively double rooms;
  • Day Clinic: a structure divided into 3 areas for short-term treatments and solutions.


This marina is designed to host several services such as:

  • Boat Berths: both medium-length (about 10/15 metres) and small-medium-length (6/10 metres);
  • Seaplane Dock: 2 spaces in total with the possibility of starting a tourist excursion activity;
  • Marina Shop: an area intended for rent on behalf of third parties;
  • Shipyard: a part will be dedicated to Marinestar, a highly specialised workshop for the maintenance and care of nautical vessels, and another part will instead be dedicated to rowers;
  • Other: to complete the Port Pole, there is a Lido with a pool and a Kiosk Bar.  

German Model

The Grand Luino Project is based on the "German Model", which differs from the Italian one in that it does not suffer from seasonal "gaps" but remains constant throughout the year. This is possible because the proposed offer is characterised by a wide and diversified range of services that meet the customer's needs in all tourist seasons.

In addition, the excellence and completeness of the services offered will attract a growing flow of tourists and vacationers compared to current numbers, thus increasing the attractiveness of Luino and Lake Maggiore at the European and international level.

Grand Luino Lago Maggiore

The Program Agreement

The Program Agreement is an innovative administrative procedure that allows for a change in the classic approach in the realisation of a project that involves interests of local Public Administrations, activating the involvement of Ministries and Regional Entities. This is done in order to promote procedures and preferential lanes, recognising a super partes interest in the initiative, thus being able to benefit from public funding and contributions. In summary, the traditional bottom-up approach is inverted. In detail:

  • Non-repayable Contribution for eligible investment expenses;

  • Facilitated Financing that will be directly distributed by Invitalia, through a direct contract with the proposing company;

  • Preferential Lane, for resources, timing, and greater involvement of the involved administrations, provided for strategic interventions.