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  • Building land equal to a total of 32.5 acres
  • Project comprising 22 skyscrapers 30 km from the shores of Lake Ontario
  • More than 11,000 housing units spread over 37 floors for each skyscraper
  • Expected Project IRR of 23% with 12 years of participation

A new Residential District in Ontario

There are many factors that make Canada today a sought-after migration destination for many in the world. The high quality of life is, in fact, guaranteed by a solid political-economic system, by facilitated accessibility to public health care and by a multicultural community model which facilitates integration. These factors determine a constant growth in skilled migratory flows which trigger an ever-increasing demand for residential accommodation. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), where it is estimated that by 2030 the population is destined to exceed 7 million inhabitants.

Considering the above premises, an established construction group in the residential and commercial buildings that has been operating for 45 years in the Canadian market, as well as one of the first in the North American market, proposes the construction of a new Residential District aimed at hosting in the future neighbor the resident community of one of the 5 largest towns in York Region. Project whose basic objective is local development, making the identified area more livable and attractive under many aspects (social, economic, environmental, etc.).

& Context

The Developer

The Project Developer has a long-standing experience in the construction of buildings for Residential and Commercial use throughout the Ontario region of Canada and is one of the main operators in the entire North American market. In the course of his work, he has shown profound attention to Environmental Sustainability and the quality of life of the resident communities.

The Group, one of the most important in the Canadian market, offers skills in Construction & Project Management for the construction of skyscrapers, condominiums and urban development. During his 45 years of experience, he has completed 40 major projects satisfying more than 1,000 Canadian families.

The General Partner

The General Partner of the Project (as fund manager and reseller) is the company Red Jacket Capital Inc., founded in 2011 and controlled by RJL. This operates as Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer and specializes in the development of Alternative Assets. This is an important company on the Canadian market, registered and authorized by the Ontario Securities Commission. Since 2017, the Company has handled more than 4 billion market transactions. 

Market Research

There are many Market Factors that favor and support the realization and, even more, the success of this Project. Between these:
  • Canada is the 1st country in the world for the rate of skilled immigration, a phenomenon that is constantly growing
  • The population of the GTA is projected to exceed 7 million by 2030
  • Statistically, 1 in 5 homes are purchased by newcomers to Canada
  • One in 3 immigrants to Canada settle in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Ontario will need 1.5 million more homes by 2031
  • Prices in the Canadian Real Estate Market have undergone the steepest revaluation among the G20 countries
  • Ontario Bill 23 promotes High Density Areas

Area of Interest

The site identified for the implementation of the Project is located in the heart of the Ontario region (in Canada) and, specifically, it is a land of 32.5 acres in total which is about 30 km from the shores of Lake Ontario. For the next few years, a redevelopment of the area is expected in terms of:

  • City - This is the 5th largest city in the GTA and the 17th in all of Canada
  • Residential Community - 26% of new residents are skilled immigrants and 51% are from other cities. By 2031 + 100,000 residents
  • Residential Occupancy - 80% of condominiums are regularly occupied
  • Transport - Offered by GO Transit which will connect the city to/from Toronto Union Station in less than 30 min
  • Population - The change in population over the past 5 years was 2 times the national average
  • Population Development - Fastest growing city in York Region with a population growth rate of 5.5%

The Project

Business Idea Icon

Business Idea

The Project consists of the development of an investment of 10 Mil sf of condominium apartments on an area of 32.5 acres (1 acre = 4046.87 m²), currently owned by the Developer, specifically:

- Destination for residential use with the construction of 22 skyscrapers;
- The building permits have already been presented for 3 skyscrapers (37 floors each), for a total of 1,323 housing units (tot. 1,080,000 s.f.);
- Construction and sale of all 22 Towers expected by 2035;
- Profits distributed progressively from 2027 until their complete distribution;
- The company is authorized to purchase 50% ownership for $420 Mil. It will be paid by the Participation, approximately $86 per sf of building land. 
Business Model Icon

Business Model

The Project structure, useful for potential Investors, includes:

- Use of Proceeds, the company will use the net proceeds of the Offer to acquire up to 50% of RGG LP (Promoting Company). Part of the Funds will be used for land transfer fees, Working Capital contributions, fees, etc.;
- Developer Commitment, an agreement has been entered into which provides for the transfer of land ownership rights from the Developer to RGLP. He will arrange all RG financing, contracting, construction and sales;
- Duration of the Participation, indicated as 12 years. The deal will close at 100% of units booked and when all Funds have been repaid.

*All Transaction Data is shown in:
  • Economic/Financial Data in Canadian Dollars (CAD) (1.00 Canadian Dollar = 0.68 Euro, as of March 31, 2023);
  • Dimensional Data in Square Feet (Sq.Ft) (1 Sq.Ft. = 0.09290304 m²).
Canada Project - Rendering
Canada Project - Overall Site Masterplan - Cortel Group
Canada Project - the Area

Residential Community Development

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Site Description

The area is located in the heart of Ontario with proximity and easy access to major transport routes - logistics infrastructure
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The Prospectus

Construction of 22 towers, each with 37 floors for a total of more than 11,000 housing units, with project completion by 2035
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Start-up Phase

Construction of Block A (3 towers) is scheduled for Fall 2023, with completion by 2027, for a total of 1.1 Million Sq.Ft.